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Dr. Linda Hatch: Sexually Addictive Behavior: Do All Sex Addicts Cheat?

 *Editors Note:

Dr Linda Hatch is a well respected authority in the field of Sex Addiction and Compulsion. In this post she addresses the issues surrounding addiction and infidelity. We at PoSARC feel it is important for Partners of addicts to confront, and understand the issues related to the Addiction / Compulsion, in order to best work towards a healthy and productive recovery for themselves.

In the strictest sense, the answer is no, not all sex addicts cheat. For example there is the addict whose sexually addictive behavior involves pornography and who doesn't have sex with anyone but their partner. And certainly there are many such sex addicts who lead the typical double life of the addict but who do not have sex with another person. There are also sex addicts for whom actual cheating is their preferred or only acting out behavior. They flirt, they hook up with people or they have "serial" affairs with various people outside their primary relationship. I have previously argued that not all cheaters are sex addicts and that sometimes a cheater is just a cheater.

For many addicts cheating is one of several sexually addictive behaviors

The average sex addict has more than one sexually addictive behavior. He or she may use internet porn and also engage in sexual chat, or he may go to sexual massage parlors and also see prostitutes. So the porn addict may also be having affairs but only admitting to the porn as an addiction or a problem.

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Monday, 22 January 2018

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