Betraying Partner's Obligations


Finding out you were living with someone who violated your trust has shattered your world, and caused you to question everything you once held to be true. In the days and weeks after your Discovery of your mate's infidelities, you will be on a steep learning curve, whether you stay with or leave your Betraying Partner.

What if he says he is remorseful and wants to do whatever it takes to regain your trust? What does that look like? How do we know it’s real? Can we insist on a specific set of action steps we need to see him demonstrate as a condition of our staying together? Yes, we can and we should insist on specific action steps he needs to take if we intend to stay with him. In our informative e-book, we lay out those steps (includes information about polygraph testing, psychological evaluations, couples therapy and much more). To learn more, click here...


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