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Is your partner cheating on you? Do you suspect chronic infidelity has ravaged your relationship? If you fear you're losing your partner to sex addiction, porn addiction, strip clubs, webcam sex, escort services, fetish sites, massage parlors, hookup apps and married cheater sites, then we know how devastated you probably are. Or maybe he's in recovery and you're tired of being called a codependent instead of the betrayal trauma survivor you are. Welcome – here you'll find the support you need. Get Help


If you have discovered that your partner (or spouse) has been using pornography, cybersex, strip clubs, massage parlors, having affairs, using prostitutes or escort services, we know how these betrayals can traumatize you. PoSARC was created as a resource center to help you to regain your strength and heal using the trauma treatment model rather than the co-addict model.

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Do you feel like you're going insane in trying to comprehend the behaviors of your spouse or partner, who may be showing signs of being a sex addict/compulsive?

Is your partner attempting to deceive you, or minimizing their own behaviors?  And if you bring their attention to this, would they blame you or others, trying to escape the responsibility for their own actions?

The deception, justification, minimization and utter lack of empathy of a sex addict/compulsive (SAC) can greatly increase our sense of betrayal, causing us to shut down, isolate and fall into paralyzing pain, often with many unanswered questions, such as:

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imageIf what you have believed to be reality within your intimate relationship is crumbling and shattering before your eyes, then with a fair degree of certainty, you are experiencing a trauma, a rupture of your primary relational attachment. Maintaining your sanity and deciding what to do has become your greatest need.

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image Unlike other compulsions and addictions, sex and porn addiction is more easily concealable as there is often no tangible evidence. We can smell alcohol abuse and observe altered behavior from intoxication and drug use. Shopping, gambling and food disorders leave physical traces. But sex and porn addiction can be rendered imperceptible, especially in the digital age.

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The exploitative harm done to one person by another in a marital/primary relationship through any form of abuse, betrayal, addiction or compulsion, is known as Interpersonal Relational Trauma. A form of PTSD, it's important to know how it affects you. Trauma recovery requires re-establishing your safety. You need firm boundaries with clear and certain consequences for further infractions or violations.

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You have weathered the discovery that your spouse/partner is a sex addict/compulsive (SAC). Perhaps you are still discovering new behaviors or the extent of his acting out. What does that mean for you and the relationship? For your children if you have them? Feeling lost, without a compass is what each of us feel in addition to feeling betrayed, angry, hurt and devastated. This is where education is your best ally.

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Boundaries are the coastlines between us and others, the world, our own thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings of others, between our spiritual lives and the spirituality of others, for instance. They are instinctual unless they are trained/traumatized away. Partners of sex addicts generally need help with their boundaries once they discover their partner's sexual acting out has violated those.

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As your trauma is uniquely yours, the events you have experienced play upon your psyche in a specific way; your wounds are unique and your recovery will be unique. There are some guideposts, though. Directing your own recovery with the support of a group for POSAs, friends, POSA coaching, etc. can give you the confidence you may be lacking in taking care of yourself in the world.

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Finding out you were living with someone who violated your trust has shattered your world, yes, but it has also ushered in an opportunity for big change. You’re learning to develop and trust your own discernment, the inner guiding voice. This will be a lifelong process, not an event. The event was learning that your partner was a Sex Addict/Compulsive (SAC) and now it's time to re-center yourself in your own safety.

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Snow LionThis Section presents valuable insights and guided tours through different components of sex addiction recovery as written from the perspectives of those in recovery. Unlike some articles written about recovery, we believe that recounting grim details of acting out behaviors can be harmful and unnecessary. The stories here are meant primarily for a philosophical understanding of this addiction.

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sexual anorexia

Dr. Doug Weiss’ definition of sexual anorexia is, “The active, almost compulsive withholding of emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy from the primary partner.” But, how can this be? Isn’t this a site for/about partners abandoned by their porn-addicted significant other? How can someone who is addicted to pornography or other sexual acting out then compulsively withhold sex from their partner?

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Despite the various information found in recovery books and websites, we partners often have questions that remain unanswered, that perhaps someone recovering from sex addiction may have a clearer perspective on. We post a collection of questions here reflecting different aspects of sex addiction and recovery. They are answered by sincere, dedicated men in recovery who gift their time as a living amends.

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Every POSA's story is noteworthy. We've selected a few that represent different trajectories of sexual compulsion, how it played out and how a partner responded to it in order to rescue her own sense of self, her own life, really. Just as having a chronically ill child impacts a mother's everyday life, having a SAC partner/spouse does also.

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Oftentimes we have similar enough scenarios for us all to relate to and learn from. This section contains some of the more common calls for help and clarity as we confront the challenges and chaos that sex addicts/compulsives have created in our lives and relationships. We invite you to submit questions and information to us at PoSARC which you feel may be useful and relevant to others. We can all help each other.

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