Setting Boundaries

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Boundaries can be one of the most confusing—as well as liberating—aspects of healing from the pain of your partner's sexual compulsivity. They can also be one of the most difficult parts of the healing process, since we all make a lot of mistakes as we attempt to challenge old behavior patterns with yet untested ways of dealing with our Betraying Partner. Coming to terms with the fact that we are living with someone who has impaired character and possibly even psychopathology, who engages in compulsive and deceptive sexual behavior can challenge the deepest core of our identity.

Learning how to set and then enforce boundaries must become the essential part of how we manage our safety going forward. Our comprehensive e-book teaches you how to practice creating boundaries as we build your confidence to enforce them, no matter how weak you may feel. We also include some of his possible reactions and how you can deal with the challenges of any opposition. To learn more about our e-book, Boundaries, click here.


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