What to Expect

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You have weathered the discovery that your Spouse/Partner has betrayed you, perhaps chronically. Perhaps you are still discovering new activities, the full extent of his behaviors?
What does that mean for you and the relationship?..for your children?..your family?
Feeling lost and without a map or compass is what each of us feel in addition to feeling betrayed, angry, confused, hurt and devastated. This is where education is your best ally.

So from here, where? What should you do? How can you possibly know what is real? You have been lied to and misled for years. The betrayal is so deep you fear you will never trust anyone, ever again. You may still be experiencing both betrayal and deception. This is tricky and there are no guarantees. We will help you know what to expect in various scenarios, help you navigate through your concerns about addiction versus other possibilities, the most important questions you can ask yourself, plus a generous helping of our recommendations for you as you go forward, all in our e-book Discovery of Infidelity and What to Expect. To learn more click here...


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