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Women and Abuse

Family Court And Cluster B Personality Disorders
While this eye-opening article is targeted to women going through divorce, we would consider this key reading for all partners. You may be able to identify some of the specific difficulties you encounter when co-parenting with your betraying mate, especially those that even many therapists miss, since betrayers are usually quite good chameleons. ***NOTE: This article is not intended to diagnose anyone— only a licensed, clinical psychologist specifically trained to administer psychological evaluations may diagnose someone. We offer our resources simply for your own research/ psycho-education.

10 Things I Wish I'd Known About Gaslighting
Superb insights about how Gaslighting affects us, told first-hand.

Terrific, male-authored article taking a strong stand for total honesty in relationships, and an even stronger stand against infidelity, aptly naming it the worst kind of lying.

How to Break Free of a Sociopathic Sex Addict
Excellent article by Dr. Linda Hatch who cuts right through to the heart of the core issue most sex addiction therapists will not name: narcissism, especially when it’s on the far end of the spectrum (sociopathy).

Why We Don't Recommend Couples Counseling For Abusive Relationships
How therapists focusing on communication or other relationship issues distracts from the abusive behavior, and may actually reinforce it in some cases. We at PoSARC stand behind our position that chronic infidelity, even when the man is “addicted” is still abusive!

How Manipulators Control Their Victims
From one of our favorite mentors, psychologist Dr. George Simon, tactics that manipulators use

Another Rape Poem
Spoken-word, chillingly potent poem from a young rape survivor

'You Will Not Win': Student Writes Powerful Letter To Man Who Sexually Assaulted Her
A 20-year old woman writes a powerful, open letter to her sexual assailant


My Ex-Husband Is A Narcissist, And Here’s What I’ve Learned Since I Left Him
Excellent, validating article on how to be the stable parent your kids need when your ex is a narcissist, and how to do so without maligning him to the kids.

Keeping Our Kids Safe Online
Beyond just setting parental controls on kids’ media devices, this article teaches you how to proactively use basic security tools for Snapchat, Facebook and more.

Pornography has changed the landscape of adolescence beyond all recognition
Critically important article referencing how pornography has influenced even very young teens to engage in anal sex, and how girls don’t feel empowered to resist. While disturbing, we need to be educating our young teens before their self-esteem and health are destroyed by these pervasive external pressures.

For Many Young Americans Compulsive Internet Use Is a Very Real Struggle
Our kids getting addicted to the internet

How To Keep Kids Safe
Sweet graphics chart to help kids take ownership of their bodies

The Children As Young As Ten Who Will Do Anything To Feed Their Porn Addiction
For those who think their really young kids would never be accessing porn

Block Porn Interest: A Proactive Parenting Plan
Wonderful advice on helping kids connect the dots between unmet needs and desire to watch porn

Forget 'Stranger Danger': 'Tricky People' Concept Helps Kids Spot Sketchy Adults
How to help kids spot sketchy adults

Life Ed: Teaching Kids Empathy
Top-notch article about teaching children empathy, plus wonderful additional resource list.

Four Traits That Put Kids at Risk for Addiction
This insightful article recognizes how a child’s temperament drives his or her risk for drug use/ addiction

Five Powerful Parenting Tips to Help Kids Reject Pornography
Great advice on how to give your children the best chance of success at rejecting pornography.


Family Court And Cluster B Personality Disorders
This article can provide validation for you, as well as essential education for your attorney or court evaluator about how personality-disordered men are wonderful chameleons and how our children aren’t necessarily safe in a 50/50 custody arrangement. ***NOTE: We are not diagnosing anyone here, but simply pointing out some important information you may want to consider when contemplating a potentially high-conflict divorce.

Searching For My Village
Feeling exhausted and lonely when single parenting

Is Your Ex An Addict? 5 Tips For Handling Summer Visitation
Tips on Handling Summer visitations if you ex is an addict

If You're Dealing With a Narcissistic Ex, Read This
Simple, straightforward and sound advice for communicating with your narcissistic ex

Gwen Stefani Opens Up About Divorce: 'My Dreams Were Shattered'
Short read on Gwen Stefani adjusting to life post-divorce- some good insights, validation

Is Your Passive Aggressive Husband Witholding Sex?
Very informative article about the real “WHY” behind so much sexual anorexia

Health for Women

One more reason to be extra careful about having sex with your mate when you’re not 100% sure he’s practicing sexual fidelity with you:

How Many Viruses Can Live In Semen? More Than You Might Think
New studies show that sperm doesn’t just transmit bacteria, but also many viruses beyond STD’s like herpes, hepatitis C and HIV. Helpful article and links to a study showing which viruses semen can transmit.


What Makes a Compassionate Man
Beautiful article on how men can develop compassion, written by a man

How Pornography is Changing Millennial Men
Good, simple article on how millennial men are becoming less and less interested in relating with real women. Shareable with the men in your life.

Patriarchy — Rape Culture — Pornification

On Pornography and the Persistence of Patriarchy
Insightful article exposing how Leftists defend their pornography use and the disingenuousness of that….written by an astute male blogger, Michael Lasker

M is for Misogyny- From Frat Boy Chants to Society
How Fraternity culture embraces and encourages misogyny, then normalizes it- An eye-opener for any parent sending their teens to college


Why Straight Men Have Sex With Each Other
Reader discretion advised: graphic language, misogynistic expressions

Women's Empowerment

Aging while female is not your worst nightmare
Beautifully written, unflinchingly honest article highlighting the misogynistic intersection of women’s aging + their invisibility/ irrelevance when they’re no longer deemed “hot”.

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