Effects On The Family


The impact that deceptive, sexually compulsive behaviors have on the family system can be massive. Unfortunately many partners find that only those who walk this difficult road themselves know how challenging this truly is for the entire family. As an example, children register when their mother is uncharacteristically spending a lot of time in her room, is often crying and is sometimes irritable with the child. Children know something is wrong, but what is appropriate to share with them?

Another example may be that after separating, Dad may be subtly or directly speaking about the children's mother to them in a condescending manner. This imposes further risk onto the child of "creating their own story" about what is happening in the absence of honest and appropriate communications from the parents. What can a partner do to protect herself and her children from intimidating, divisive tactics?

We personally and professionally see the impact of the Betraying Partner's deceptive behaviors on the family's emotional, physical, sexual, social and spiritual health, as well as oftentimes the financial health. We can help assist partners to process, grieve, and explain what she and her children are experiencing to qualified therapists, physicians, lawyers, family and friends and even her own children (as needed and if appropriate). We offer coaching or consulting sessions to assist you in bringing clarity and healing to your family. You may read more about our specialist, Cassie here.


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