POSA Meetings Disclaimer

POSA Meetings Disclaimer: You are free to form a group and conduct group meetings anywhere permissible, however it is incumbent on you individually and as a group to ensure that the physical location you select for the meeting has proper liability insurance. This insurance must cover the meeting members in the event of losses due to property damage and personal injury occurring from such matters as location negligence, theft, fire, inadequate security and assault. For that reason, most Churches are a wonderful choice in selecting a location. Of course, you must still ask the question about insurance and security wherever you are looking for space to conduct these meetings. In addition, we are unable to monitor everyone who may visit our site and therefore we strongly suggest that the details (date, time, and location) pertaining to group meetings NOT be posted on our website. The details of any such meetings should be treated as a private matter among members or prospective members of any group. Furthermore, it is imperative that such groups be organized and such meetings be conducted in full accordance with both the federal law and the laws of the state in which such groups and any such meetings and related activities occur. It is your responsibility to seek out and understand these laws as they relate thereto, including those related to confidentiality and discrimination so that no individual's rights are violated.

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