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My Son Turned 9 Years Old This Week…


The many, varied challenges that partners of sexually deceptive men face are typically the focus of our blogposts. But today we expand that focus to include a concern many of our partners express: the hideous fact that our children are being affected by the prevalence of pornography everywhere they turn, often despite our best efforts.

This tasks already infidelity-traumatized partners with a sizable burden: speaking with their children before the damaging exposure inevitably begins. 

To help give voice to the difficult feelings this can bring up for partners, we wanted to share an article that is not the usual how-to; rather, it is a stirring expression of a mother's care for her young son, her frustration at the culture we live in that turns a blind eye to pornography, and ultimately, it is a rousing call to action. Jill, who authored the piece, generously provided some of the original content for PoSARC almost a decade ago. Here, Jill articulates her heartbreak with her usual intelligence, wry humor and the awesome feistiness for which she's known. 

My Son Turned 9 Years Old This Week is being hosted on Dr. Gail Dines' website, Culture Reframed and includes helpful links throughout, plus an impressive resource for parents at the bottom of the article.

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Read the Article Here: http://www.culturereframed.org/my-son-turned-9-years-old-week/

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Sunday, 25 February 2018

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