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Ashley Madison App to rate “What's Your Wife Worth?”

Ashley Madison App to rate “What's Your Wife Worth?”

Seems good old Noel Biderman who founded Ashley Madison had an app in development that allowed men to rate their wives' appearance and then invite other members of the married cheater's site to go ahead and contribute their own opinion of what someone's wife was worth, looks-wise.

The screenshot (below) shows the app with the rating and the woman's value in dollar amounts that appear as the ratings come in.

For any of our readers who haven't a clue where such an overtly misogynistic app concept could have originated, I am sorry to be the one to burst any naiveté bubbles, but: There are many websites in existence that allow men to rate the prostitutes they have used. I've seen these myself when wives have shown me screenshots of their husbands profiles on such sites, with their reprehensible comments on both the body parts of the prostitutes they've used, as well as how well or poorly she "serviced" him. Think of it as a Zagat's guide to help a man hone his connoisseurship in selecting prostitutes based on prior users' reviews. And now employing that same discerning eye for beauty (or lack thereof) and sexual performance can be directed towards wives.Misogyny much?

Even more egregious than the existence of a rate-your-wife app are the social media buttons embedded in the app that allow users to post the photos of their own and other men's wives and their appearance ratings, onto Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus or to e-mail that photo to others. Talk about wholesale invasion of privacy and being soft-pimped on the internet!

What's next? An open marketplace where we're traded like baseball cards?

Thank you, Noel Biderman for confirming what so many of us have already suspected for a long time: that to an ever-increasing population of men, women are nothing but objects to be evaluated for their looks and ability to service men.

I do believe that it's high time that we POSAs start to open our eyes to what goes on in the wider culture, of which we are certainly a part. After all, we're not focusing here on a tiny, sick segment of society- we're talking about a website that had almost 40 million men enrolled in their membership. And based on the abundance of ads that bombard the PoSARC inbox daily, there are many dozens of Ashley Madison wanna-be, imitator sites popping up.

In much less surprising news today, self-same misanthrope Biderman has been outed in the latest data dump as having had at least three affairs himself, despite his inauthentic-sounding braying about his own fidelity towards his wife, whenever interviewed. Yeah, anyone who didn't see through that one was mighty naive.

Well, we're right here for you, Alison Biderman: join the ranks of all of us members of the POSA club no one ever wanted to belong to. And once the smoke clears from all the lawsuits against you and your husband's company, Ashley Madison, we do take donations, just FYI.

Thank God this app won't see the light of day, now that Ashley Madison is having the pants sued off them. And yes, feel free to ad-lib on the image of a pants-free Biderman, right here on the Comment thread below.

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Monday, 22 January 2018

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